How it all started…

In 1990 Elaine Akermann, D.M.E. and Colleen David came together to found Express Kids Education-Entertainment Program. They brought a brand new multi-modal educational system to daycare centers, preschools and classrooms throughout Indiana. Soon they were franchising their system across the country.

Endorsed by Experts

Express Kids materials were also endorsed by Methodist Children’s Hospital Pediatric Neuropsychology in Indianapolis. According to Bryan Hudson, Ph.D., HSPP and Stephanie Peabody, MA:

“The most effective and beneficial learning programs are those that incorporate verbal and non-verbal mechanisms in the learning process by use of multisensory stimulation, motor involvement or procedural learning, and when possible, experiential learning (i.e., hands-on experience.) When these ingredients are placed together and served in a non-threatening environment, the child is allowed the opportunity to exploit the most prominent learning avenues …The Express Kids Program…succeeds in putting together all of the ingredients necessary for enhanced learning and neurological maturation.”

The GluvIts

In 2005, Colleen David and Bruce Stickle partnered to put together rich video programs featuring their friends the GluvIts. The GluvIts had their origin in the Express Kids characters Knuckles and Didget. Their video “Meet the GluvIts” also introduced the characters Cokie and Chuck and their train Expresso. Expresso was part of the traing theme that permeated Express Kids and they thought it was a great way to keep it all going.

Today, Express Kids and the GluvIts have come together to form Express Kidz. And the best is yet to come!

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